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b. 1979, Boston

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Choose one:

1. Andrew Breitenberg is an artist working across a variety of media including street art (murals), large-scale installations, monoprinting, drawing and mixed media, showing periodically in solo and group exhibitions over the last ten years in Africa and USA. 

2. Andrew Breitenberg is a print designer with a special focus on book making, art direction and editorial graphic design, creating artist books, annual reports, company anniversary publications, gallery catalogues, etc. 

3. Andrew Breitenberg is a translator and is in the midst of producing a new translation of the New Testament from the original Koiné Greek called Pilgrim Bible. The first volume comprised of the Book of Acts will be released in 2018.

4. And graduating from Swarthmore College (US) with a degree in critical theory, Andrew went on to graduate study in editorial design and to work as a writer in Amsterdam, NL. His work has been published in print and online (notably, Elle, the New York Times, Phaidon, FOAM Amsterdam, TIME, Today and Huffington Post). From 2008-2015 Andrew lived in Cape Town where he pursued creative activism through street art, community development projects, public art collaborations, and independent publishing programs. 

5. I am a pilgrim, living by faith and the spirit, a great believer in relational love and grace, pausing to reflect, creating intersections for creative people to mutually affirm and point out beauty, and hopeful for an interdependent humanity unified by its magnificent diversity.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for a diligent, detail-oriented and highly conceptual creative partner to add to your team.